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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

30 Photos of Brown Hair Colors to Show Your Hairstylist Before Dyeing It!

The brown hair color has always been a sexy hair color, that only few hairstylists can get just right! And there are plenty of shades of brown hair color, starting from the dark brown hair color and ending with caramel highlights, rose-gold lowlights, and even brown ombre hair.

It’s always important to show a picture of the hair color you want to your hairdresser; it becomes a reference to him, to know how you want the end result to look like. It’s very important to talk with your hairdresser about your new hair color, if the shade of brown hair color you picked will suit your skin tone or not, and how you can maintain it?

For all women who want to go dark this season, here are 30 photos of brown hair colors that can help you make a decision!

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