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Elsa Osta Will Persuade You to Visit the Salon, and Ask for Pink Hair!

We know that pink has been one of the biggest color trends for the year 2017, but Elsa Osta has taken it to another level. The Lebanese fashion blogger and jewelry designer has recently dyed her hair pink, and we couldn't help but notice how magical she looked. So we reached out to Elsa, and asked her a few questions about her unicorn-inspired hair. If you're thinking to go pink, just scroll down and read about her experience.

Elsa Osta - Pink Hair - Pink Hair Dye - Hair Color Trends 2017 - how to dye hair pink

When was the first time you dyed your hair? Tell us about it.
It was 2 months ago, and I’m super enjoying the dose of color my hair is adding to my daily outfits!

You've tried quite an exceptional color, would you do it again?
Besides my natural hair color, I've only had pink and purple hair. Now the base is blonde, as the color is starting to fade away, and I'm actually counting the hours to go back to the hair dresser and make that color pop again!

What’s your hair care routine like?
I’m using Kérastase shampoo and mask (that I use after my shampoo for 20 mins). After drying it, I use two pumps of NUXE oil to give it more texture and shine.

Elsa Osta - Pink Hair - Pink Hair Dye - Hair Color Trends 2017

And do you have any secrets to make the color last longer?
Don’t wash your hair a lot, because with every shower you lose a little bit of the color. Use dry shampoo to help giving texture and volume to the hair when needed.

Agree/Disagree: Hair dyeing makes you feel like a new person. Why?
Not new, but different, because I honestly think more of my outfit choices. It’s a different style, it’s more of a change.

Do you any tips to share with a hair color virgin?
Nothing suits you more than your natural hair color, BUT sometimes a change is FUN!

Elsa Osta - Pink Hair - Pink Hair Dye - Hair Color Trends 2017

Photo Credits: Instagram @elsaolaccessoire

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