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| by Farida Abdel Malek

Fustany Tried It: A Shampoo Bar That Gives Results as You're Still Showering

I never thought I'd be doing a shampoo review because frankly (and please don't stop reading after this), my knowledge on hair products is very limited. However, I'm an expert at knowing if a hair product is working for me or not, and let me tell you, you can feel this one working as you're washing it off.

Let's start with a very short story... I never like to experiment with hair products. I'm lazy and when I find something I like, I stick to it. My new found love affair with the Lush Godiva shampoo bar was because of a previous painful breakup with another one. I had been using a certain shampoo line for 4 beautiful years and then I found out it was discontinued and my life went crashing down (the drama here is necessary ladies, our hair is already hard enough to maintain).

Thanks to my wonderful mother, who unlike me, likes to experiment with hair products, I came in hair contact with Lush's Godiva Shampoo bar. When she mentioned it was a bar, I was put off from the concept and didn't expect to like it at all, but when I tried it I was instantly impressed.

My hair was instantly soft, I could actually feel it as I was rinsing it off, this is because it contains a conditioner, shea butter and a lot of nourishing oils, like jasmine, jojoba and ylang ylang. I do, however, also use a separate conditioner to give me a further boost of softness and maintain the frizz. I found that I have had a lot of good hair days since using this. I've been getting a lot of compliments, not just on how it looks but the smell and texture too!

The experience itself of washing your hair with a bar is quite amusing, you just massage it into your wet hair and it gets the lather going. I would advise that you leave it to dry afterwards without closing the tin on it, so it doesn't melt and so that it can maintain its shape for longer.

I've only been using this for 3 weeks but I did read that they are supposed to last you a really long time, equivalent to 3 average shampoo bottles, so it's definitely cost efficient. Most of the ingredients are natural and the sulfates and chemicals used are gentler than the average. This product is also vegan and not tested on animals.

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