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| by Nada Allam

How to Deal with Your Hair in Humid Weather

You know what is worse than a bad hair day? Frizzy hair! The type of hair you get because the weather is so humid. The type of hair that is simply uncontrollable, where every time you think you have part of it under control, the other side begins to rise. Frizzy hair and humidity are just not a good combination. Well, the good news ladies, is that you can deal with hair frizziness in humid weather. So if you are heading to a holiday destination where the humidity is going to be high, start taking notes.

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1. While it maybe so tempting to just keep showering and washing you hair, try to resist the urge. The natural oils in your hair are actually a good frizz fighter.

2. Frizziness is attracted to dry hair. So when showering, be sure to go for a deep conditioner, it will keep your hair soft and locked with moisture, therefore resisting the frizz.

3. One of the most important tricks to combating frizz in humid weather, is using the right hair products in the shower. So be sure to use the a lightweight moisturizing shampoo and the right type of conditioner for your hair. 

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4. Do not blow dry your hair, just dry it with a towel, but do not leave your house if hair is wet. Wait until it is dry to prevent the humidity from frizzing up your hair right away.

5. If you are going to blow dry your hair, be sure to use a heat-protecting spray. That way you will prevent any damage to your hair from the heat, which will prevent it from drying it up, thus preventing frizziness.

6. Try to notice which parts of your hair frizz up the most. That way, after your shower you can apply some soothing serums to it, to protect it from humidity and frizz. 

7. Apply serum to the ends of your hair. It will weigh down your hair and limit the frizz. 

8. Bobby pins and headbands will be your lifesaver. Be sure to spray down the fly aways after styling your hair.

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