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| by Nada Allam

Party Hairstyles Inspired by Celebrities

Just a little bit of time left until the Christmas and New Year's festivities really begin. The invites will be endless, and you'll need to get creative with your look. Sporting the same hair-do to the parties is quite boring, so why not spice it up a bit. Go for a messy bun, a fishtail braid or even a sleek ponytail. Trying out some new hairstyles will definitely have an impact on your look, just be sure when to pick which hair-do. I for one can't wait to try out the high ponytail with a braid. It was a hair-do that I always used to go for as a kid, so it will be interesting to work it into my party look. Get insipired by these celebrity hairstyles, don't slack off with your hair and only focus on your outfit. After all, if you have messy hair, no matter what you are wearing, it will not matter at all.

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