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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

This Is What Your Damaged Hair Needs to Be Repaired After Your Summer Vacation!

Summer is (almost) gone, and we're back to real life, where we realize that we just did much damage to our hair by sitting for a long time in the sun, and by soaking it in sea water and chlorine. But don't worry, everything can be fixed with the help of nature. Natural remedies are what your hair needs right now, you can use shampoos and conditioners of course, but nature will be more gentle on your hair at this point. So, let see How to repair damaged hair after a long happy summer by the sea.

1. Don't chop off all of the damaged hair.

First things first, have a simple trim to get rid of split ends so they don't crawl up to the whole length of your hair.

2. Avoid heat for a while.

Styling your hair with heat will make your hair weaker, specially if it's already damaged. Instead, you can use these hair tricks to get wavy hair or straight hair without using any kind of heat.

Make twisted side buns, to get wavy hair without using heat.

And click here to find out how you can straighten your hair without using any heat.

3. Embrace natural hair masks.

Mayonnaise is one of the best hair masks you can use for damaged hair, here's why!

Use banana hair mask to get rid of frizz naturally.

And to deep condition and moisturize your hair, use the milk and honey hair mask.

4. Reduce the times you wash your hair.

Remember that washing your hair every day during summertime is the main reason why your hair is dry and damaged. So, reduce the times you wash your hair, and try one mask at a time before every shower.

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