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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

A Five-Minute Exercise to Do in the Morning for a Healthy Lifestyle

I go to bed every night promising myself that I’ll wake up really early to go for a morning workout at the gym, but of course you know what really happens...I oversleep and I wake up really late for work with barely anytime to get properly ready to go out of the door.

So instead of always feeling disappointed and not achieving anything, I decided to workout every morning for five minutes, before I take a shower and get dressed for work.

They say a small habit can turn into a lifestyle, and this is what I'm trying to achieve here. Even if you’re always busy or running out of time, you can surely fit five minutes of simple exercise into your morning routine. So, let’s see what this five-minute morning workout is about.

-  Start by warming up your muscles with one minute of running in your place or butt kicks. 


-  Then get a chair and perform 15 squats


-  Then get to the floor and perform 15 push-ups.

-  To strengthen your core, spend 30 seconds planking.

-  Then finish your morning workout with 15 bicycle crunches.

So, instead of spending five minutes in your bed scrolling through your phone trying to wake up, get up and this five-minute morning workout will get you ready for a productive day!

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