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| by Jasmine Kamal

Yes, These 7 Winter Workout Benefits Are Worth Leaving Your Blanket For!

The word 'winter' is directly translates in our minds to laziness and coziness, yes? Well, we do feel how hard it is to take the huge decision of leaving the warmth of your couch and getting up for a workout! But what you might not know is these 7 essential benefits of exercise in winter that you never knew you needed. Check out what they are and I bet, you won't be able to resist putting on your running shoes right after you reading this article!

1. Befriending the sun is all you need

Unlike summer, we tend to search for any sunny spot in winter to provide our bodies with the energy it needs. Running, jogging or walking outdoors will expose you to the required amount of sunlight that your body is in need of during this cold season.

2. Boost your immunity

Staying in your bed won't protect you from easily catching a cold. On contrary, keeping your body energized by exercising during winter will boost your immune system and make your body more resistant to any infections or flues.

3. You're not a koala !

Well, as funny as it may sound, we should all remind ourselves of this fact! We spend the winter days eating, sleeping and doing minimum efforts like a sleepy koala, until we get shocked the moment we stand on the scale. To avoid this trap, exercising will compensate the calories your body may take and won't let you gain the extra weight you always regret by summer's arrival.

4. Exercise is actually warmer than your blanket!

You refuse leaving your bed for it's the warmest thing you can find. Well, that's not necessarily true! Exercising actually releases the heat you need; it warms up your body with no need to wear numerous layers of clothes.

5. Work out to fight the infamous seasonal depression

Most of us know that exercising in general allows the body to release Serotonin and Dopamine, the hormones that are essential to overcome depression and stress. And since winter is the season that is well-known for depression, working out will be the perfect solution.

6. You deserve some fresh air!

Everywhere you go is a place that doesn't frequently renew its air: work, home, etc. This is because people like to keep the place warm during winter. Exercising outdoors will allow you to get in some fresh oxygen into your lungs which, of course, will contribute to your health and well being.

7. Let your future-summer self thank you!

Isn't trying on the summer's trending outfits and feeling fit and healthy in them, the best feeling in the world? Well, this is so achievable if you put exercising on top of your winter to do list.

Main image credits: Instagram @amandabisk

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