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| by Dalia Hosny

Eight Changes That Happen to Your Body During and After Pregnancy

Days or even weeks after your baby bump starts growing, you will start noticing some changes that happen to your body due to pregnancy. As your baby bump grows day by day for nine full months, you definitely witness lots of things that are new to you. Know more about the eight changes that happen to your body during and after pregnancy by reading the below... 

1. Hair loss

Women normally lose an average of 100 hairs per day, but this certainly changes during pregnancy. Don't freak out if you find out that you start losing more hair than normal. This happens due to the increase in your estrogen levels during pregnancy, and it then goes back to normal post delivery. Make sure to maintain a balanced diet and drink lots of water. 

2. Stretch marks

Stretch marks are one of the major changes that happen to your body during pregnancy. As your tummy expands to make room for your baby, stretch marks will immediately appear. Unfortunately, they won't go away in the near future, however there are ways to hide them. Once you recover, make sure to focus on your abs and do sit-ups on a daily basis.

3. Skin changes

Some women experience red rashes and acne during pregnancy, but it disappears right after delivery as your body goes back to normal. The most common change that happens to women's bodies during pregnancy, is having a darker areola (area around your nipples). Don't worry though, give it a couple of weeks after you've delivered your beautiful baby and it will go away. 

4. Drop in sex drive

Are you feeling that you're not in the mood for sex? Don't worry about it, as it's a common change that happens to women during pregnancy. The good news is that it will move back to normal after delivery, when you start feeling less tired. 

5. Slight weight gain

Of course it's natural to gain weight during and after pregnancy, because your eating habits and even appetite changes a lot. I know you might feel depressed about your figure but trust me, this is the case with every woman out there! Exercise and a balanced diet are always the key to a healthier shape. 

6. Bigger bra size

Jumping to a bigger cup size is a normal change that happens to your body during and after pregnancy. Your body is just getting ready for breast feeding and that's why it could grow bigger or even start feeling a bit more sensitive. The cure is looking for the right bra size for your new body to keep you comfortable. 

7. Swollen legs

Your pretty legs and feet are swollen because they handle all of the extra weight; yours and your baby's. Don't worry about your shoes not fitting anymore, it either happened or will happen to most of us. The additional weight you gain affects your shoe size too, so the best thing you can do at the moment is pampering yourself and buying a pair of new shoes for your swollen feet. 

8. Extra sweating

Excessive sweating is something every woman faces, whether during pregnancy or even more after giving birth, especially while you're sleeping. You need to know that this is your body's way to get rid of extra fluids stored in it. The right way to deal with it is by staying away from salty, sugary and fried food. Also wearing undershirts and clothes made of pure cotton could help you feel better.

9. Back pain

It goes without saying that your body carries extra weight during pregnancy, which leads to backache. Luckily, this back pain will cure after about six months post delivery. You might have to also check with your doctor if you need to do some exercises to kiss the pain away faster.

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