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Beauty Header image exercise for killer butt

| by Dalia Hosny

With these Three Simple Exercises You'll Get a Killer Butt

Having a sexy and well-curved behind isn't that hard, and with these simple steps, you'll have an overall toned and fit body. Here are three exercises for a killer butt. Let's do this!

1. When I hear butt exercises I immediately think of squats. Squats should be your favorite workout if you're looking for a killer butt. It's easy and simple yet to the core. Start off by stretching your hands right in front of you and leave some wide space between your legs. Bend your knees down by leaving all the weight of your body at your ass as if you're sitting on a chair. Keep your back straight and upright as much as you can. Straighten your legs and come back to your first position. Do this at least 20 times in three sets while exercising for a killer butt. 

2. Pave your way to a killer butt with this 'Hip Lift' workout. Get your mat and lay on the floor with your arms on your side and bend your knees. Lift your butt up by keeping your waist and tummy perfectly straight. Freeze for 60 seconds while keeping your thighs parallel. Repeat this three times when exercising for a killer butt. To make this more difficult, you can raise one leg while following the same steps.

3. 'Lunges' is personally my favorite workout. Not only is it the go-to exercise for a killer butt, but it also works out perfectly for your hips and thighs muscles. Its effect can be seen in no time! Stand straight with your chin up and your hands next to you. Take a very wide step forward with only one leg while keeping the other bent to the back. Go down with your hips while leaving all your body weight on your front leg. Make sure your front leg knee is steady and exactly above your ankle and there's an adequate space between the floor and your other knee. Push your front knee back to its original position. Repeat this with both legs at least 25 times. Do this in three sets.

And lastly, to start seeing tangible results, you'll need to follow these work-outs from 3-5 times/week, and for 2-3 weeks.

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