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| by Dalia Hosny

Five Bad Eating Habits You Should Avoid Right Now

Food is what keeps us going! Eating is certainly an activity that we all engage in everyday. Don't you feel like knowing some incorrect habits most of us do while eating? Break some bad daily habits, here you go. 

1. Never skip breakfast

Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. Having breakfast will not only boost your metabolism, but also it will be the fuel for your entire day. When you fill your body with food in the morning, it will consume a moderate amount of food throughout the day. It's always recommended that you have breakfast in the first two hours of your morning. 

2. Heavy food at night

A big meal before you head to bed is a big fat no! Towards the end of the day, your body tends to become less active and less prone to burn calories. Eating right before you head to bed will slow down the digestion process as well as cause a heartburn. Have a light dinner at least two hours before heading to bed for a good night's sleep.

3. Starve your body

If your body remains food-deprived for a long time, this will make it go crazy at the sight of food, and when you finally eat, you will just end up eating more and more to compensate the hunger. Starving yourself won't do you any good or make you lose fats. Have little healthy snacks every other hour between meals to hinder this feeling. Vegetables and fruits would do.

4. Eating while watching TV

Believe it or not, one of the most important things during eating is concentration. When you get to watch TV while eating, you get distracted and might possibly eat a larger amount of food than your body needs. Your body and eyes gets preoccupied with TV, which doesn't give enough attention to your internal hunger thoughts and will not send the right vibes to indicate whether you're full or not.

5. Eating fast

Living a fast and a busy life? Don't we all? Eating super fast will not allow you to enjoy the heavenly taste of food, or even digest it properly. Take your time and chew your meal properly.

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