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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Five Benefits That Will Make Popcorn Your Favorite Healthy Snack

Popcorn is everyone’s favorite snack during movies or at house parties. Popcorn is very delicious, satisfying and super easy to make! But here’s what you don’t know about popcorn, it’s very healthy and it’s full of benefits for our bodies, just stay away from flavors, or putting too much salt or cooking it with butter and you’ll be able to enjoy all the health benefits popcorn provides. So let me take you through five important benefits of popcorn...

1. Popcorn is very beneficial for your heart’s health:

Popcorn contains fibers, which are basically very beneficial for our bodies in many ways. You know that high cholesterol levels can lead to heart diseases? So the fibers that exist in popcorn work on lowering the level of harmful cholesterol. This way, your chances to get a heart attack, blocked blood vessels or a stroke become very low.

2. Popcorn is great for diabetic people:

So the fibers in the popcorn also help diabetic people. It regulates the release of blood sugar, and manages insulin levels.

3. Popcorn can prevent cancer:

Did you know that popcorn is loaded with antioxidants? Antioxidants defend and protect your body from potential cancer cells. And cancer patients are usually advised to eat a cup of popcorn every day, to help their immunity grow stronger.

4. Popcorn is a great way to stay young:

Also these antioxidants existing in popcorn will help you stay young. Antioxidants reduce wrinkles, aging signs like hair loss, weak muscles, weak visions and even Alzheimer.

5. Popcorn can help you lose weight:

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks during weight loss plans; it substitutes for my unhealthy cravings. A cup of popcorn only contains 30 calories, which is remarkable. While a bag of potato chips can contain up to 500 calories that is beside the unhealthy oil it’s cooked in and unhealthy other ingredients.

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