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| by Dalia Hosny

Five Tips to Get the Most of Your Workout

You stop eating around an hour (or more) before you head to the gym, you shower, get dressed, probably drive all the way there, and you might unfortunately end up not getting the best of your workout. Working out isn't an easy thing to do and getting more fit and stronger is most certainly harder. Hey, I'm not a certified trainer though! Yet, I managed to figure out that there are things most of us do, that lower the intensity of the workouts unconsciously. In order to get fruitful results, here are five tips to get the most out of your workout:

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1. I know it's always nice to go out and make gym buddies, but honestly if you're hitting the gym for the sake of socializing, then you should rethink it. Lots of socializing during the workout itself will distract you and will hinder your body from achieving its maximum intensity. Let your inner social butterfly shine only after you get your exercise done. 

2. Most of the medical studies showed that you should eat at least 2-3 hours before your workout. In order not to end up sluggish, make sure to have your last meal at least one hour before your workout so it gets completely digested.

3. When your brain says no, just don't listen, your body is still more capable! Sometimes you don't push yourself enough to finish the workout and you end up wasting your workout. Make sure to warm up well around 30 minutes before your workout and you'll be on fire!

4. Drinking lots of water during your workout is a big no no. Most of us drink incorrect amounts of water before, during and after a workout. When you feel lightheaded or dehydrated during your workout, take a sip of water just to maintain the fluid/saliva in your mouth. After you finish your workout, feel free to drink up to two or three cups of water.

5. Finding a partner can be the fuel of your gym routine. When your partner is energetic, he/she will motivate you to hit the gym, spice up the gym atmosphere, encourage competition, thus you will both fire it up!

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