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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

How to Stop Feeling Dizzy in Five Simple Ways

As adults, we tend to make many wrong decisions regarding our health, like turning a blind eye to tiredness or dizziness. But what you don’t know, is that keeping up with your health can prevent you from a lot of future problems.

Feeling dizzy can be avoided and treated in simple ways, all you need to do is to pay more attention to how your body feels and respond quickly to it. You should know that neglecting dizziness will only lead to more health problems. So how can you stop feeling dizzy? Keep on reading and you’ll know!

1. Adjust your eating habits to stop feeling dizzy in the middle of the day:

One of the main reasons why we feel dizzy in the middle of the day, is because we’re not eating properly! A person should eat three meals per day and two to three small snacks in between. This way, you’ll be eating every three hours, leaving no room for your blood sugar or blood pressure to drop down. This also means that your digestion will get better, because you’ll be eating less in every meal; a disturbed digestion is one of the reasons why you feel dizzy.

2. The kind of snacks you should be eating to treat the feeling of dizziness:

A person who usually feels dizzy should keep some snacks in their bag or pocket just in case of emergency, so they can eat them immediately! There are seven types of food you can eat when you’re feeling dizzy, know about them and why they’re so helpful right here.

3. Control your anxiety to stop feeling dizzy:

Another major reason behind feeling dizzy is your anxiety. Anxiety disrupts your breathing, and the less oxygen your body consumes the more you feel dizzy and lightheaded. Also, constant feeling of anxiety makes your heart pump less blood which leads to low blood pressure. To treat anxiety attacks, you should learn to regulate your breathing by taking deep breathe-ins from your nose and strong exhales from your mouth for five to ten minutes every day. If you make this a habit, it could help you a lot with your stress, anxiety and thoughts all leading to a healthier feeling.

4. Drink water to stop feeling dizzy:

Another reason why you feel dizzy is dehydration; dehydration makes your blood thicker which makes the blood circulation hard to reach your brain which will lead to dizziness. So the answer is, you need to drink more water even if you don't really like it!

5. Avoid feeling dizzy by sleeping well:

To avoid feeling dizzy, you shouldn’t stand up immediately or jump out of bed. You should also get enough hours of sleep every night, ranging between six to eight hours.

P.S. The tips we provided you with can prevent or lessen the feeling of dizziness, but if it continues to happen, you should definitely a pay a visit to your doctor to make sure everything is alright. The doctor visit is one of the things that we tend to postpone a lot until we get in serious trouble.

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