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| by Heba Abohemed

Seven Must-Follow Tips to Deal with Low Blood Pressure in the Summer

People with low blood pressure face some challenges during the summer because of the heat! They feel tired and exhausted all the time, some might even experience health issues, like an unsteady heart rate or irregular breathing, and in some extreme cases, they could faint.

So, to protect yourself from all these problems during the summer, here are the things that you need to do if you have low blood pressure.

1. Water can do wonders to your body, and one of them is maintaining a stable blood pressure. 

2. Avoid standing in the sun.

3. Load up on fresh juices to stay hydrated, also focus on drinking lemonade and orange juice, to maintain a stable blood pressure.

4. If your doctor prescribed a medicine for your case, then you should never leave your home without it, to avoid fainting in public places or while driving.

5. Don't wear anything that will make you feel hot, the heat will only cause you more trouble.

6. The moment you feel dizzy or like you want to throw up, sit down immediately to avoid fainting! 

7. Never leave home without getting a healthy snack or eating in general, to avoid dizziness and fainting.

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