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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

The Five-Minute Workout for Killer Abs

Whining about belly fat won’t get you anywhere, and definitely won’t burn any fat. You actually need to take a stand and to start taking actions. And if you’re worried about not having time, then this five-minute workout for killer abs is for you.

A good workout is not really about how much time you spend working out, as much as it has to do with how many times you do it per week, and the quality of the workout you do. Learning to do workout moves the right way will get you faster and better results. So, I decided to share with you a video that will help you with the five-minute abs workout and will definitely motivate you. The video is by Rebecca Louise, an online workout instructor at XHIT daily.

Here’s a guide to the exact timing for every move you’ll be doing during this five-minute workout for abs video:

1. Spiderman planks (55 seconds)

2. Hip thrust (60 seconds)

3. Right oblique crunches (30 seconds)

4. Left oblique crunches (30 seconds)

5. Right side plank reach through (30 seconds)

6. Left side plank reach through (30 seconds)

7. Full sit ups (60 seconds)

Now get down to the floor and press play to start your first day of carving the killer abs you’ve been dreaming of!

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