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| by Nancy Hennes

Any Hijabi Must Take These Makeup Tips Into Consideration for a Perfect Look

Wearing makeup with hijab can be a little bit tricky, because your face is the center of attention. So, wearing too much can be unattractive, and wearing too little can make your face look dull. And for that, there are some makeup rules that you can follow to achieve a flawless look with your hijab, and here they are:

1. Avoid applying too much foundation, powder, and base cream. They'll ruin your headscarf, and they'll be visible leaving you with a very unnatural look.

2. Instead, focus on your eye makeup, because your eyes are the most attractive feature with hijab.

3. The eyeshadow color is very important, it must match your scarf's color for a  harmonious look.

4. Shimmering and glittering eye makeup will be tempting to wear, but we suggest that you wear it only at night, and carefully too.

5. Your eyeliner should be simple and sleek, dramatic looks won't be very flattering with hijab.

6. But when it comes to mascara, be as generous as you want, because long, thick lashes make your eyes look big and beautiful.

7. Just one stroke of blush is enough for subtle rosy cheeks.

8. For everyday look, you should go for neutral and nude lipstick shades.

9. Eyebrows are so important, so don't forget to fill them with powder, or eyebrow mascara for easier application.

10. If you want to wear a strong, and dark lipstick colors, then I suggest that you match it with a natural makeup look. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @chichijab

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