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| by Dalia Hosny

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

The most significant facial feature is definitely the eyes! A mascara or a fine eyeliner are not enough to make your eyes standout. So, here are few tips and tricks on how to use your makeup skillfully to make your eyes look bigger. 

1. If you're looking for a delusional effect of bigger eyes, first thing you need to do is to treat the dark circles under your eyes. Covering these areas with a foundation that's lighter than your skin tone is a big no no! Opt for a foundation or primer that has a warmer shade than your skin tone or the exact same color. 

2. Your eyebrows must always be in shape. Tweeze your eyebrows twice per month. You wouldn't believe that taking away the excess baby hair can actually make your eyes look fresher and bigger. Read our article how to naturally make your eyebrows grow faster.

3. Bold eyebrows are the trend right now! Tweezing your eyebrows is not enough. How about filling in your eyebrows? Applying a powder eyebrow shadow is the key! 

4.A voluminizing thick mascara will thicken your eyelashes and will make them spread evenly around your eyelids. Sexy eyelashes will perfectly compliment your eyes as well as your eye color. Coat your eyelashes with mascara starting from the end of your lashes towards the corner. 

5. My favorite magic trick is applying white eyeliner against the corner of eyes. This will instantly make your whites look brighter and your eyes look bigger. 

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