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Beauty Header image article main  makeup   how to apply the right blush color for light skin tone

| by Dalia Hosny

How to Pick the Right Blush Color for Fair Skin

Blusher is one of the most important makeup products in every girl’s beauty kit. Starting your make-up process can get challenging, and since blusher is made to make you look as natural as possible, I have decided to start a series of articles on how to pick the right blush shade for every skin tone.

Adding a touch of blusher will definitely brighten up your face and eyes, and using the right blush color will make your skin look amazingly flawless. Fair skin has a higher tendency to go pale throughout the day, that's why picking the right blush type and color is so important.

You should first figure out the type of your skin, either dry or oily, so you can determine whether to use cream or powder blush. Shades of peach and light pink will be perfect for a girl with a lighter skin tone. Dark shades are a big no no! You might end up looking like you're suffering a sunburn. Don't go for too pink or too coral though, medium and lighter colors work best for you fair skin.

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