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Beauty Header image article main  how to pick the right foundation for oily skin

| by Dalia Hosny

How to Pick the Right Foundation for Oily Skin

We'll bringing you a series of tips on how to pick the perfect foundation. Foundation is the backbone of your make-up and it acts as a surface to your skin, if you picked it wrong then you know you're in trouble. Yes, very tricky we know! In order to pick the perfect type that matches with you, you need to try it directly on your skin. If it's barely there or almost invisible then you know you picked the right one.

Are you suffering from oily skin? Here's how to achieve your goal and find the right formula. You surely don't want to end up with a sticky or shiny forehead. With this skin type, liquid foundation might not be the best option. Opt for an oil-free powder foundation preferably with a matte texture. Matte formulation dries up your skin and gives a very natural feel and let's you have a shine free skin.

Stay tuned for more upcoming tips on how to pick the right foundation to match other skin types.

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