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| by Nada Allam

Skincare Products to Pack for a Holiday Trip

Scheduling a holiday trip is fun, but the packing is the hassle, right? You see, the key to packing is not to over load your bag, but also have your travel essentials with you. With our list of skincare products to pack for your holiday trip, you can guarantee that you will not over pack and have everything you need.

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1. Makeup Remover

This is by far the most important product to pack, because we all know going to bed without removing your makeup is a big no no. 

Packing Tip: Go for makeup remover wipes, you can stuff them anywhere and don't have to worry about your liquid makeup remover staining your clothes.

2. Facial Wash

The second most important product is your facial wash. Since you are going to a different climate, make sure to pack your facial wash to keep your face clean.

Packing Tip: Either empty some of your facial wash into a small travel-sized bottle or go for cleansing wipes. 

3. Deodorant 

To prevent any mishaps, make sure you pack a spray deodorant, not the stick. 

Packing Tip: Try to go for the mini travel-sized deodorant. 

4. Moisturizer

With the change in weather you will be experiencing, you need to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. 

Packing Tip: Find a multi-purpose cream that can be applied day and night.

5. Tinted Lip Balm

This will keep your lips in tip top shape and also add some color to them. 

Packing Tip: Pack an extra lip balm in case you switch bags fast and forget to take it. 

6. Shower Gel

Even though most places supply you with shower gel, try to pack your own, because you never know what type of shower gel could roughen up your skin.

Packing Tip: Pack a small loofa, or go for a scrub shower gel to exfoliate your skin.

7. Perfume

Because a lady's scent is extremely important, you cannot go on holiday without your perfume.

Packing Tip: Go for some rollerball perfumes, they are small in size and save the same purpose as the perfume. 

Photo Credits: Fashion Mumblr. 

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