Beauty Header image nail polish trends for spring 2017

| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

12 Nail Polish Trends That Will Rule Spring 2017

Soon enough, Spring 2017 will be here, and we’ll all go out to enjoy the sunshine and cool air breeze. And to enjoy spring to the fullest, you need to feel trendy too, right? So let me introduce to you the 12 nail polish trends that will rule this spring!

As expected, some of the nail polish colors are inspired by the '80s, just like many of the current fashion trends. What else is trendy in the world of nail polish? Keep on scrolling to know the nail polish trends of Spring 2017.

1. Berry nail polish color.

2. Electric purple nail polish color.

3. Soft blue nail polish color.

4. Soft pink nail polish color.

5. Metallic pink nail polish color.

6. See-through nude nail polish color.

7. Unicorn glitter nail polish color.

8. Galaxy glitter nail polish color.

9. Ombre French manicure.

10. Graphic nail art trend.

11. Minimal nail art trend.

12. 80’s inspired nail art.

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