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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

20 Chic French Manicure Designs for the Modern Woman

Are you bored of the traditional French manicure designs? Don’t worry, if you love French manicure, but you want to revamp your look, these 20 chic French manicure designs will do the trick!

Some of the French manicure designs you’ll see are super fun, they have glitter effects and even cartoon characters. You can even combine between your love for the classic red manicure and the classic French manicure, and come up with something totally new and modern, like red French manicure. Ombre white French manicure is also so chic and creative. We didn’t forget the minimalists, as there are some pretty simple but so cool minimal French manicure designs.

Scroll down to see 20 chic French manicure designs for the modern woman.

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