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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

25 Photos of Burgundy Nail Designs for a Very Chic Winter

Although I am more of a summer person, but I can’t resist the beautiful dark colors of winter's fashion! And what’s better than burgundy nail polish to give an outfit an edgy yet chic look? Not convinced yet? Then keep on reading, and then scroll down to see 25 photos of burgundy nail designs, and you'll be more than convinced.

During wintertime, like many women, my nails tend to turn blue. So to cover this scary color, I like to paint them with beautiful warm colors, like burgundy nail polish. When you scroll down, you'll see many ways to wear burgundy nail polish, like doing edgy nail art, adding a layer of glitter or just painting your beautifully done almond nails.

To cut the story short, check out these 25 photos of burgundy nail designs if you want to start-off a very chic winter.

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