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| by Heba Abohemed

Give Your Nails a Twist with This Pastel Tri-colored Nail Art

Take a new approach to French manicure and give your nails a twist with this pastel tri-colored nail art. Of course, pastel shades have their own delicate charm and I personally love them, that's why I think this pastel tri-colored nail art is really worth a try. Learn how to do the pastel tri-colored nail art at home and follow the steps below.

What you will need:

- Nail polish base coat and top coat

- Light pink nail polish

- Mint green nail polish

- Silver nail polish


1. Start by applying the nail polish base coat and let it dry.

2. Afterwards, add another coat of pink nail polish and then wait for five minutes, until it's dry. 

3. Now get the mint green nail polish, and paint your nails in a horizontal way, over the pink nail polish you already have.

4. After you let your nails dry, dip a thin nail polish brush in the metallic silver nail polish, and draw a thin line, separating both shades.

5. At this point, you might want to leave your nail polish to dry a little bit longer, then add a nail polish top coat, to keep prevent your nail polish from chipping.

If you're not a big fan of pastel shades, you can go for only one shade of nail polish or even darker hues and use the same technique.

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