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| by Nada Allam

How to Apply Nail Stickers

I decided to try nail stickers. There are a lot of really cool designs out there, and I get to give my nails a break from nail polish in a super stylish way. I always wondered how exactly do you apply the nail stickers, can I do it myself or do I need to take them to a nail salon. Turns out using nail stickers is not too hard, you just need to use the right technique to ensure that the nails look real and don't fall off.

1. Start by filing your nails and pushing in your cuticles, so that the sticker can fit perfectly on the sides. 

2. The package of stickers usually comes in a bunch of sizes, so before peeling away the back strip and applying the sticker, make sure to pick the size appropriate for each nail. Try them on without sticking them to see which of the stickers will fit which nail properly.

3. Apply one sticker at a time, and feel free to cut around the edges to make sure they fit your nail perfectly. When applying the sticker, start from the sides of your nails, not from the middle, and smooth it down.

6. Once the sticker is applied on the nail, apply some pressure on them using your index finger. There should not be any small bubbles, or glitches in the sticker. The outcome should appear smooth as if you just applied nail polish. 

7. After you apply the sticker to all nails, you will probably have some extras hanging out. That is fine, just use scissors and trim the stickers at the tip of your nail.

8. Once you trimmed each of the stickers, use a nail file to smooth out the edges. 

9. Lastly, add a transparent top coat to the stickers, it will give them a shine and take care of your stickers, letting them last longer. 

9. To remove the stickers, you can simply try to remove the sticker normally, or if it is too stuck, use nail polish remover.

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