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| by Zeina Tawfik

Ombré Nail Art Tutorial

Isn't it so much fun to experiment with new styles of nail art? That's why I will guide through the ombré nail art tutorial - it's so easy you can actually do it yourself! Get that gradient look on your fingertips and experiment with different colors for interesting results.

What you'll need:

- Nail polish base coat

- White nail polish

- Your choice of 3 coordinating nail polish shades

- Nail polish top coat

- Makeup sponge

- Scissors

- Nail polish remover

- Cotton buds


1. Start by applying the nail polish base coat.

2. Paint your nails with the white nail polish, acting as a base color, which will help the ombré nail art colors pop. Apply two coats, then wait for your nails to dry.

3. Using the scissors, cut the makeup sponge into strips. Make sure that strips have a flat surface, with a size that fits your nails.

4. Now it's time to use the nail polish shades you've picked to create the ombré nail art. Apply three rows of the three nail polish shades next to each other (from lightest to darkest) on the sponge's flat surface.

5. Dab the sponge directly to your nail, and move it very slightly up and down.

6. Reapply nail polish to the sponge after every nail and repeat the process. Exchange the sponge if the nail polish gets too messy on it.

7. Leave a couple of minutes to dry, then seal the nail art you just created with a nail polish top coat.

8. Clean your cuticles from any excess nail polish using nail polish remover and a cotton bud.

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