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| by Zeina Tawfik

The Only Tip You Need to Apply Nail Polish Without Streaks!

With a few tips and tricks, any woman can flawlessly apply nail polish at home! I know that we've previously shared with you several hacks to get a perfect manicure at home, but this time, I'll tell you how to apply nail polish without streaks.

If you want to apply white or pastel nail polish, it usually tends to appear with streaks, but don't you worry, because you can easily fix this issue. So how can you get a streak-free nail polish? The answer is by applying a ridge-filling base coat.

Many nail polish brands offer ridge-filling base coats, that should be used before applying white or pastel nail polish shades. The ridge-filling base coat is so rich, and it will create a smooth opaque layer to prepare your nails for the nail polish color you want to apply.

See, I told you, it's only one simple tip you need to apply nail polish without streaks!

You'll find everything you need to know to make your nails look pretty in our Nails section here.

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