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| by Nada Allam

Six Facts About Your Skin in the Winter

With a change of the season, comes a change in your skin. Have you noticed how your skin is a little bit more dry than usual, and that your lotion probably isn't as effective as it used to be in the summer? Well, I decided to gather a bunch of facts about our skin, and the changes that seems to occur to it in the winter.

Did you know that

1. You need to change your skincare products in the winter. Switch from a light weight moisturizer to something heavier.

2. You skin in the winter is not only dry, it can also be flaky. Don't be alarmed to find the shocking white flakes appear on your legs and hands, it is from lack of moisture in your body. 

3. Washing your face with hot water is incorrect. As tempting as it may seem to wait for the water to warm up and splash it across your cold face, you are actually causing more harm than good. Hot water can actually dry out your skin. Try to go for a balanced temperature, not too cold or hot.

4. Our lips get dehydrated in the winter and petroleum jelly is the one thing that protects your lips from the cold air.

5. Dry skin is more prone to cuts and cracks. 

6. Moisturizing your feet, while still damp, then wearing socks can do wonders to your feet in the winter. 

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