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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

What Does BB Cream Do to Your Skin?

The day I discovered BB cream was by far the best day for my skin! It was the day I ditched heavy foundation, and started using BB cream every time I had to put on makeup! BB cream is one of the best beauty products, so what does BB cream do to your skin? Keep on reading, and you’ll know it all.

1. BB cream is oil-free, so for those suffering from an oily face and acne problems, BB cream is perfect for your type of skin.

2. BB cream can be used like a sunscreen, you can pick a BB cream with the amount of SPF you need, as many brands provide it with a broad spectrum of SPF.

3. Another great thing BB cream does to your skin is it blurs those little tiny but annoying fine lines and wrinkles.

4. What BB cream does to your skin is it keeps your skin hydrated.   

5. I personally like to use BB cream as primer before I put on foundation, if I am going for a heavier makeup look. BB cream makes my skin look smoother and softer.

6. BB cream evens skin tone.

7. BB cream minimizes the size of your pores, large open skin pores are unattractive, and to have a simple product like BB cream solving this problem is great.

8. Another amazing thing BB cream does to your skin is, it reduces and fades the post acne scars on your face!

9. What more does BB cream do to your skin? It smooths your skin texture over time!

10. Although BB cream doesn’t provide heavy coverage to your skin, BB cream is definitely a great substitute to foundation and even concealer. 

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