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| by Salma Ihab

6 Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf in Winter Thanks to Claudya Moreira

 If you frequently ask yourself, "Can I wear a silk scarf in winter?" the answer is, of course, you can! Always remember that when choosing a scarf, you want one that feels good, keeps you warm, and does not clash with your outfit. If you're wondering how to wear a silk scarf in winter, look no further. Claudya Moreira, the Queen of Scarves on TikTok, showed a few tricks for styling a silk scarf. So, here's 6 ways to wear a silk scarf in winter thanks to Claudya Moreira

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1. Let’s start with the simplest trick, tying a silk scarf around your neck

For the first style idea, we can start with something simple, such as tying it around your neck. However, you will not simply wrap it like that and leave the house; instead, you will go through some loops and knots (as explained in the video) and end up with a nice looking silk scarf to pair with your sweater or a winter top.

2. Create a skirt out of a silk scarf

You know how, in the summer, you make a cover-up skirt out of a scarf to wear over your swimsuits? In the winter, you can do the same thing with a silk scarf paired with hosiery and boots, but make sure to wear something underneath the skirt to protect yourself from any wind.

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3. A silk scarf worn with a shirt, but with a twist

Claudya Moreira out did herself with this one. You will take your shirt and unbutton it, then take your silk scarf and place it only on one side of the shirt, then while buttoning the buttons, button the silk scarf through the shirt to create a nice look. To complete the look, add a belt and you'll have a plain side and the other with the printed silk scarf.

Another way to wear it, is to pair it with a shirt and button the silk scarf from one side, then wrap it around and tuck it into the pants, and then finish the look with a blazer or jacket.

4. How about wearing your coat with a silk scarf? 

This silk scarf trick is similar to the previous one, but instead of buttoning the scarf with the buttons, you simply tie it in the buttonhole, move it to the other side, and secure it in place with a belt.

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5. Silk scarf as a top, but winter edition

You can wear your silk scarf as a top in the winter, just as you would in the summer. Wear a white shirt first, then a silk scarf as a top, followed by a blazer or jacket, and you've got yourself a silk scarf styled for winter.

6. A silk scarf worn as a belt

This is a simple trick that will completely transform your outfit. So, get a vest or jacket, button the silk scarf from one side, and wrap it around you like in the video to create a nice look. Not your typical belt, but done in a more stylish way.

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