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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

12 Egyptian Bag Brands That Are Just Super Cool!

For years, Egyptian women have been buying bags from international brands for their beautiful designs and unmatched quality. But the game has changed now; Egyptian women are seeking local brands, not just because they’re currently trending, but because they proved they can make stylish designs with high quality too!

Some of the following 12 Egyptian bag brands are about reviving culture and heritage, while some others are about creating young and funky designs, but at the end they all have something in common - they’re unique and they have their own identity.

1. Cult

Cult is an Egyptian brand that makes bags and shoes, their designs can be described as unusual and so new for the Egyptian market.

2. HL Designs

HL Designs is 100% Egyptian, you'll find it very hard not to fall in love with their genuine leather bags and simple designs.

3. Les Miniatures

Les Miniatures bags are made for women who like sophisticated designs, in a minimal way!

4. Nevin Altmann

Nevin Altmann's embroidered bags will give you a fresh take on the artistic side of the Egyptian countryside.

5. Nuniz by Nadia Zarkani

Nuniz, designed by Nadia Zarkani, is all about Egyptian heritage, and nothing says Egyptian more than a handcrafted bag in Cairo.

6. Okhtein

Okhtein is an Egyptian brand that has gone international! They're known for their fashion-forward designs that represent Egypt's rich art culture.

7. Omnis Clutches

Omnis clutches is for the young, hip and funky! 

8. Palma Egypt

Palma Egypt's bags are so practical and chic, you can tell they're a woman's best friend!

9. Rimini

Rimini bags are for the cool and feminine girl, who also happens to be practical.

10. Sami Amin

Sami Amin's bags are a piece of art, yes they are, and they're inspired by authentic Egyptian culture. 

11. YF 

YF bag designs will make you forget about labels and focus on the genuine leather, luxurious designs and different styles.

12. Zaam

Zaam bag designs will make you stand out, and that's because they're remarkable and definitely have their own character.

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