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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

25 Photos to Show You the Cool Way to Wear Socks with Heels

Accessories have the power to turn any dull outfit into a really hip one! I personally believe that shoes alone can drastically change the look of an outfit. So what if you want to change the look of your shoes? Socks are the answer, socks and heels are the coolest trend this season, although it’s not new, but girls and street style stars have been wearing it like crazy.

When I bought peep toe mules last summer, I loved them, and I really wanted to wear them this winter, and socks helped me to do so. From sheer socks to glittery socks, they looked great every time I wore them.

So now you can wear your favorite sandals all year long, with the help of socks. But be careful, socks and heels are a tricky trend, you either can nail it or not, so scroll down to see 25 photos to show you the cool way to wear socks with heels.

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