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| by Farida Abdel Malek

What Are the Best Accessories to Wear with Your Jumpers and Sweaters?

Our coziest and easiest winter clothing item to throw on is a jumper or sweater. They're so comfy and versatile and they go with everything, except one thing that tends to be confusing... accessories. How do you accessorize your jumper with statement pieces or is it better to go for daintier ones? How can you put on a belt with an oversized sweater?

Well there are a couple of ways to can accessorize your jumpers or sweaters to balance out their chunkiness or turn the outfit into more of a statement.

1. Earrings

This is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of what goes with a big, fluffy sweater. I love how statement earrings look with them. It can look really cool and distributes the statement really nicely if you pick the right piece. In a more modern sense I've been seeing a lot of people rocking gold hoops and even small thin dangling earrings with jumpers.

2. Necklaces

Now this is a little tricky, a lot of people get stuck on what necklace to wear with a sweater, especially if it's oversized. Looking through a lot of outfits and street style looks, to my surprise, small dainty necklaces look great with jumpers. You can layer them and tuck it in under the collar, it all looks great, this is a more modern approach to it. However you can always go back a few years and pick out a statement chunky necklace, just make sure your sweater is more fitted.

3. Hats

A beret, headband or a baker boy hat look so chic with a sweater. They bring the focus towards the face and dial down the heaviness of a sweater. If you're not used to wearing hats or headbands this might be a little risky for you, but give it a try, you might end up loving it. Hats also work perfectly with your hijab, so don't shy away from styling it with your winter sweaters and jumpers.

4. Belt Bags and belts

This is my personal favorite because when you feel like a sweater is overwhelming your outfit and giving you major teddy bear vibes, belts and crossbody bags are your best friend. There are so many ways you can try this; tuck the front of the sweater in your pants and add a statement belt, wear it with a skirt and belt bag, or pick your favorite crossbody and shorten it so it sits perfectly along your sweater.

Which one will you go for? Style you jumper and show us your look on The Fustany Fashion Girl.

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The way you accessorize will make or break your outfit! So read more from our Accessories section here.

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