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Exclusive: Get Your First Look at Farah Emara's New Accessories Label, Wa Hekaya!

Every day, we get further proof that the fashion industry in Egypt is flourishing. You must've noticed that many new fashion brands are launching, and the latest one you need to know about is Wa Hekaya. But that's an interesting one here, because the one who's behind it is the very popular hijab fashion blogger, Farah Emara. Yes, the 21-year-old fashion enthusiast is currently studying graphic design, and just launched a new accessories label that's just focused on headpieces. We had a little chat with her, and she gave us an exclusive peek at her new collection.

Farah Emara's New Accessories - Egypt Fashion 

You just launched your new accessories label, Wa Hekaya. Can you tell us more about it?
Centuries back, the headwear philosophy started in Mesopotamia; the ancient Arab region, and today I chose this to be part of my story. As an Arab woman, I believe in the power within all of us. Just like head-wear started from here, it's part of my goal to bring it back. Our power lies in our identity, and for that, I chose to provide every woman in Egypt and the Arab world with a tool, not only to tell a story, but also to express that power.

Wa Hekaya is not just a brand, not just a product, and not just a purchase, it’s an expression of who you are and who you choose to be. A voice for you to tell your story, and the chance to deliver it in the way that best speaks of you.

We’re excited to know all the details related to your first collection. What was the inspiration behind it, and how did it come to life?
I just wanted to create a piece for everyone out there. My main inspirations were the different lives that many of us lead. All our life's details that we do not stop and take a closer look at. All the things we do without noticing, everything that makes us who we are.

In your own opinion, what’s the importance of having a well-accessorized look/outfit?
It's everyone’s input. Really, whatever you wear that's a little different, a little yours.

Being veiled yourself; do you have any plans to design special pieces to be worn with headscarves?
Of course! The first collection already has some head wraps that are very simple. I chose to showcase the basics in my first collection, but I can promise you that it’ll get even more interesting as we go along!

Photography: @karimsherif0
Makeup Artist: @makeupbymayarmagdy
Hair: @heclevandhewarthairstylist
Styling: @mostafawaheed

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