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| by The Fustany Team

Find the Perfect Tiffany & Co. Valentine's Day Gift, According to Your Personality!

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and there’s nothing better than Tiffany & Co. to hold onto the emotions of this special day. Right? But let’s just face some facts...men are often clueless, and it doesn’t hurt to drop them a hint. So, we decided to act as your very own personal shopper, and made this Tiffany & Co. Valentine’s Day gift guide, to pick a  jewelry piece that will perfectly match your personality!

Read along first, see which personality you'll relate to, and the next step should be sharing this with your other half, and expect that little blue box!

1. The Hopeless Romantic:
You’re in love with love! You like gifts that make your heart sing, and that’s why the Paloma Picasso® Love Graffiti necklace will appeal to you. Love, sweet love.

2. The Girl Boss:
Does the word “workaholic” describe you? You’re successful, powerful and determined! Every day is crazy busy, and the Tiffany & Co. T Smile pendant is guaranteed to make you happy when you catch a glimpse of it!

3. The Travel Lover:
You’re an explorer! New cities intrigue you, and adventure clearly runs in your blood. While you’re out and about discovering, the Return to Tiffany™ Heart Tag with Key pendent will always remind you that he’s the one who’s got the key to your heart!

4. The Fashion Addict:
Surely, you’re a woman who isn’t afraid to stand out! Fashion excites you, and it’s vital for you to keep up with the style trends. You'll love this Tiffany T bracelet, because it’s currently having a major fashion moment!

5. The Sophisticated Lady:
You’re a classy woman who values luxury! Your fashion finds are always timeless, and your signature style is all about the effortless chic look. Since you like jewelry pieces that you can wear time after time, show your man this Return to Tiffany™ Love bracelet.

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