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| by Nada Allam

Five Different Ways to Wear Body Chains

If you haven’t already, it is time to purchase some body chains this summer. Why? Because body chains can be worn in different ways, and look fabulous in every time. Plus, Beyonce has been rocking body chains for the longest time and manages to look flawless. Don’t stress over how to wear body chains, as I am going to tell you about five different ways you can rock this hot summer accessory.

1. Swimsuits.

Yes, body chains go perfectly with swimsuits. Even if you are heading to the beach, it can’t hurt to add a little sparkle to your attire.

2. V-neck tops.

Sure a statement necklace goes with everything, but switch things up a bit and accessorize your V-neck top with a body chain.

3. Backless dresses and tops.

Feeling a little naked with that backless dress of yours. A body chain can totally fix that, just be sure to opt for one that is long with subtle layering and detail.

4. Basic tees.

Who said your casuals have to be boring? Even a basic white top can turn into a funky one with a body chain.

5. Crop tops.

It doesn’t look like the crop top trend is going anywhere, so why not add your own personal touch to it with body chains, it will look amazing.

Words can only do so much, so scroll down and take a look on how you can wear a body chain in five different ways!

The way you accessorize will make or break your outfit! So read more from our Accessories section here.

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