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How to Make an Affordable Diamond Ring Look Really Expensive

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be stressful and hard on bank accounts. Whether you're buying a ring for your special someone or picking it out as a couple, sometimes you need to keep your budget intact and your priorities straight. However, that doesn't mean you don't want your bling to shine and have a gorgeous luxury looking stone that will remain special to you forever. Here are 5 tips on how to pick and make a diamond ring look really expensive

1. Create an illusion with a composition of small diamond studs crammed together forming an oval, circle or drop. This will give an intense look of sparkle and look really luxurious on your hand.

2. You can add a mirror at the base or bed where the diamond solitaire sits to give it a highly reflective and shiny look.

3. Try a twinset. With an affordable solitaire, pick a wedding band with small diamond studs. On your finger, their combination together will look expensive and beautiful


Image Credits: Tiffany & Co.

4. A three-stone ring might sound expensive but having 1/2 a carat diamond in the middle next to smaller carat stones on each side will give you a ring with a much bigger price look than it actually is. 


Image Credits: Tiffany & Co.

5. Halo diamond rings are among the most popular and romantic looking engagement rings. Halos instantly  add beauty and richness to rings. You can try compromising the quality of the main stone in the center and adding a halo set or two which will show off that expensive look you're looking for. 


Image Credits: Brilliant Earth

Main Image Credits: Instagram @inthefrow

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