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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

How to Pick the Right Jewelry for Your Evening Dress

Many women find it confusing when it comes to choosing the right kind of jewelry for their evening dress. For that, let me show you the right jewelry you should wear with your evening dress, and to prove what I'm about to say, I chose some of your favorite celebrities on red carpet events wearing beautiful jewelry and evening dresses.

1. The right jewelry to wear with a strapless dress:

The best kind of jewelry for strapless dresses are chokers and short necklaces, just look at how Taylor Swift totally nailed the look!

2. The right jewelry to wear with a sweetheart neckline dress:

Sweetheart necklines call for bold and short necklaces, and Scarlet Johanssen totally proves my point.

3. The right jewelry to wear with a V-neck dress:

Let’s first agree that whatever Julia Roberts wears would look good on her, but her V-neck dress wouldn’t look that good without this short necklace with a dangling pendant.

4. The right jewelry to wear with a deep V-neck or a deep plunge dress:

Kim Kardashian took it a little bit far with the deep plunge dress, but I have to admit, the way she layered her gold necklaces is just perfect.

5. The right jewelry to wear with a one-shoulder dress:

A one-shoulder dress always calls for big bold earrings and no necklace, this way you’ll highlight the beauty of your dress just like the way Zendaya did.

6. The rigt jewelry to wear with a high neckline dress:

High necklines have always been confusing, some people find it okay to add a necklace to it, and while others prefer to just wear earrings, and both ways are totally great. But for now, I am in love with how Hailey Baldwin styled her high neckline embellished Georges Chakra jumpsuit with simple hula-hoop earrings.

7. Also, don't forget your bracelets and rings!

If you decided to ditch the necklace, then don’t forget to style your hands with rings and bracelets just the way JLO has done!


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