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| by Zeina Tawfik

Jazzy: A Trendy Egyptian Brand to Upgrade Your Sunglasses Game

Summer is almost here; the season where the sun shines the most, and sunglasses become a staple accessory. So, if you'd like to own a stylish pair of sunglasses, then you must get introduced to JAZZY, a new Egyptian brand that's all about cool shades.

The trendy sunglasses brand, JAZZY, was founded by Yasmine Seoud, to keep all of you at the forefront of the hottest trends. I've turned to Yasmine to tell us more about JAZZY, so read on, and scroll all the way down to see some cool JAZZY sunglasses that are totally on-point!

What made you start your own line of sunglasses in specific?
I’ve always loved sunglasses since I was in high school. Lately, I noticed that major designer brands have monopolized the market and that prices have taken quite a jump up. I also noticed a few small brands emerging and offering cool deigns at affordable prices, and I thought this is something I would like to venture in. I wanted to create a line that offered original designs, with premium quality lenses at affordable prices.

Can you tell us about the hottest sunglasses trends for 2017?
If you ask me, I'd say that trends for sunglasses are leaning towards all the unusual, everyone is trying to break the mold. Over-sized frames are still very much in, as well as colored lenses - colored sunglasses in general, and I also see that round-shaped sunglasses are making a major comeback. Aviator-shaped sunglasses are always sought after, now you can find them in a range of different materials and colored lenses.

Your favorite timeless frame style is...
My personal favorite frame style is and I think always will be, the cat eye. This shape can be extreme and it can be very subtle, but it's always very feminine.

If a woman should invest in one pair of sunglasses, what style should she get?

My first piece of advice is to get something that feels comfortable regardless of the trends, because if it’s not comfortable she will never wear it. I also don’t agree with investing in one pair only! Sunglasses shouldn’t be perceived that way, we are accustomed to that because of the price tag, however, I want people to enjoy sunglasses as a fun accessory while still enjoying premium quality lenses and functionality. After all, you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses as once said!

What are your plans for Jazzy going forward?
I really would like to expand into creating a men’s line and also a children’s line. I would like to establish JAZZY a regional brand, before hopefully growing internationally.

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