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Mukhi Sisters Show You How to Stack Your Jewelry Like True Experts!

If you don't know Mukhi Sisters, you're missing out on a lot of bling goodness and inspiration! Founded by three half Indian half Lebanese siblings, the Mukhi Sisters brand actually delivers a unique experience, because the ladies grew up surrounded by a family that's all about jewelry-making. Since we can't stop obsessing over their Instagram photos, we got in touch with the three sisters, Maya, Meena and Zeenat, and asked them for some jewelry styling advice. Scroll down, read some valuable tips and tricks, and feast your eyes on a bunch of perfect jewelry combinations.

True or False: There’s no such as wearing too many rings!
Meena: False.
Zeenat: I LOVE RINGS! You can wear as many. As long as you can close your hand and not have a lot of space between each finger.

What’s the secret to a perfect ring stack?
There isn’t one secret, I would say it is about creating a visual balance. Depending on the rings, you could: mix old and new on top of each other or next to each other, wear same style of rings, place one on each finger.
Meena: Simply add an emerald ring.
Zeenat: If you really want to know, you need to pass by Mukhi Sisters, and we shall share that info with you!

Agree or Disagree: Mixing metals can make your jewelry look more interesting.
Personally, I would recommend sticking to one kind of metal with different colors. For example, rose gold, yellow gold and white gold.
Meena: Agree, and edgier too.
Zeenat: Agreed. It makes it edgier. Even mixing gold colors of one item changes the style of it.

When it comes to stacking necklaces, where should you start from?
I prefer stacking several pendants/charms on a chain.
Meena: From the bottom...that's what I do.
Zeenat: I usually start from the shortest one. But I don’t go over three necklaces. You don’t want to spend the day untangling.

Is there any trick you can share with us to avoid necklaces from tangling?!
What I do is that when I am wearing pendants from more or less the same length, I shift each one to a slightly different position. For example, the middle stone would be in the center, and then I move the second pendant a little to the left and the third one to the opposite side.
Meena: Drop you back to the front, shake your shoulders and chest a bit, and there you go.
Zeenat: Yes, Meena’s trick. And add music to it. What better way to start your day!

Are there any rules if you want to wear different gemstones together? Any no-no’s?
The more the merrier.
Meena: No, wear what makes you happy.
Zeenat: The thing about jewelry is that you don’t have rules. You can wear whatever mix, as long as you don’t over do it.

Share a piece of advice for a woman who’s afraid to go for another ear piercing.
Don’t be afraid, it’s not painful and it’s actually fun to stack earrings.
Meena: Do it girl, the more the better.
Zeenat: If you feel you need a change, go ahead and do it. A little earring never killed nobody. I’m thinking of even piercing my nose!

If a woman is going to invest in a single pair of earrings, what should she go for?
Maya: Mukhi Sisters' Reverie on the Vine Leaf.
Meena: Our Reverie on the Vine Leaf earrings.
Zeenat: First thing you might think of is investing in a pair of diamond studs. But, I would invest in long flexible earrings. There is nothing sexier. And you can also wear them anytime, day or night.


An arm party; trying too hard or expressing your personality?
Personally, I love beaded bracelets and bangles stacked. I believe they are an expression of style.
Meena: Definitely a personality, I mix different generations of jewelry together.
Zeenat: Neither an arm party nor expressing your personality. It’s just a style. I wear a lot of bracelets (12 bangles). I feel they make the style, even if I’m just wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. It makes the outfit complete.

What’s the perfect mix of bracelets that can be worn next to a watch?
I believe that jewelry is a reflection of your personal style, just follow the mix that says something about you. From my experience, traditional people like to wear a tennis bracelet next to their watch, whereas clients with a more laid-back style like to stack bangles and beaded bracelets next to their watch, and sometimes a mix of colored tennis bracelets which I think is pretty cool.
Meena: Diamonds and beaded bracelets.

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