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| by Zeina Tawfik

Sometimes, One Bag Isn't Enough!

The fashion world is just full of trends; sometimes we literally feel like we can't keep up anymore! One of the latest trends to hit us, is the double bag, or the two bag trend. It all started on the runways, and naturally moved to the celebrities and street style stars.

The double bag trend, certainly proves that sometimes, one bag isn't enough, and the more the merrier. The trick to carry multiple bags at once, is to wisely pick the correct styles you want to mix and match. If you actually need space to carry all your stuff, go for a large tote or a top handle bag, and wear it with a mini bag. However, if you want to look extra trendy and don't walk aroung with much necesseties, carry a mini bag and a micro bag.

Now what are you waiting for, start matchmaking your favorite bags! But first, take a look at some of the street style stars who got the double bag trend right for inspiration purposes.

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