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| by Zeina Tawfik

Urban Rebel by Jude Benhalim: A Strikingly Structural Jewelry Collection

Jude Benhalim, the young and extremely talented Egypt-based jewelry designer, just launched her new collection, Urban Rebel, and trust me, it will only take you a glance to fall in love with it.

So what is Urban Rebel by Jude Benhalim all about? The high-end jewelry collection is inspired by the designer's path in life. Urban Rebel embodies all things metropolitan, channeling the vibrant energy of an orderly city. Yes, the designer brought a city's elements to life through her jewelry pieces, like shackles of concrete, facades of skyscrapers, street lamps and tile floors. However, the jewelry designer also added an aesthetic she's known for; Arabic calligraphy - Jude Benhalim has chosen powerful words to be inscripted on chokers, earrings, rings and cuffs.

Did I get you excited enough? Scroll through to see Jude Benhalm's Urban Rebel collection, and tell me about your favorite piece. I personally loved the golden choker, what about you?

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