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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

You Can Totally Wear Straw Hats with any Outfit, and Here’s the Proof!

I love straw hats, even though I can't wear them, I have one that I wear whenever I am with my friends at a 'girls only' pool party. All my life I've seen women take out their straw hats only when they're going to the beach, or to the pool, but I realized that straw hats are so chic and so wearable beyond that. So, I went and searched among the many fashionable Instagram accounts I follow and got out for you some cool outfit ideas you can wear with a straw hat. 

One of the cool outfits I found is this one by Elin Berntson. This is a good representation of how to wear a straw hat away from the beach on a chic outfit!  


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