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7 Really Cool Mini Bag Designs to Pick From While Shopping

Mini bags... a piece that compliments a lot of outfits and a trend everyone's still loving. Years ago, huge bags were the thing, and recently mini bags that are really really small became quite popular. Despite their small size, they proved how they can add a touch of coolness to a lot of outfits. So, today we're showing you some of the best mini bags styles to consider when you're shopping.

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We recommend you check out these 7 mini bags styles:

1. Mini Pouch

best mini bags

A mini pouch is really popular and you can get one in a neutral color so you can wear it with everything.  Just make sure it is of good quality, so it doesn't wear quickly.

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2. Mini Bucket Bag

best mini bags

Bucket bags are really special and their shape make them look really cool and they're very practical. Although they're very small, the design makes them flexible and easy to carry around and carry things inside.

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3. Mini Moon Bag

best mini bags

Called the half circle or moon bag because it comes in the shape of a crescent, and it's really small.  It will probably only hold your keys and a small amount of cash, but it sure looks really cute.

4. Triangle Mini Bag

best mini bags

If you love geometric designs, this is a great choice for you. it has a very special shape and is definitely an eye catcher. You can also go for one in a bright color to add more of a statement and uniqueness.

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5. Mini pearl bag

best mini bags

Pearl bags got really popular a while bag and mini pearl bags are just the cutest, especially for an evening look, especially if all you need your bag for is a lipstick. Also, pearls go with a lot of things so it's good option to keep in mind. 

6. Mini wrist bag

best mini bags

I'm a bit hesitant to call it a bag, but it is one of the latest trends and for good reason...just look at it. You might not be able too put anything in there, except maybe a piece of gum or a hair tie, but it won't fail to make your outfit really cool and the fact that you can wear it like this on your wrist makes the look really different and unique. 

7. Crossbody mini bags

best mini bags

This is another Jacquemus bag, but a little bigger, and can be worn in so many different ways, as a crossbody or not. It looks very chic either way. 

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