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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Five Golden Fashion Rules to Wear Sunglasses with Hijab

It took me a lot of sunglasses to know which ones suit the way I wrap my hijab headscarf and which don’t, but the good news is that the rules are quite simple, and the rest depends on your own style and sense of fashion. I gathered pictures of your favorite hijab fashion bloggers to give you an example to every fashion rule to wear sunglasses with hijab, so let’s find out what they are.

1. How to wear mirrored sunglasses with hijab?

Mirrored sunglasses are staying with us in 2017, they were big last year and they're still big this year too. So the best way to wear mirrored sunglasses, is to wear a headscarf with minimum pattern and preferably with no pattern at all. Neutral colored headscarves are the best to match with mirrored sunglasses. Also, don’t forget to put on a matching neutral lipstick for a very chic hijab look.

 mirrored sunglasses - womens sunglasses -  sunglasses with hijab

Dina Tokio

2. Is the sunglasses handle size and shape important with your headscarf style?

Yes, they are very important. Here’s a very important tip: The best sunglasses handles for hijab are thin and/or flat. Thick sunglasses handles would push your hijab out from the sides, leaving your face looking wider, and trust me, they’re a hassle. Every time you’ll take them off or put them back on, your headscarf will move and by the end of the day your headscarf will look so messy.

 womens sunglasses -  sunglasses with hijab

Dalal AlDoub

3. Is there a sunglasses shape that doesn’t go with hijab?

No, almost every sunglasses shape can go with your hijab! Whether it’s cat eyes sunglasses or rounded ones, they all perfectly go with hijab. The only thing you need to check is your face shape; there is a certain sunglasses shape for every face shape.

womens sunglasses -  sunglasses with hijab

Leena AlGouti - Maria Alia - Sally Ashour

4. Do clear lens sunglasses go with hijab?

Yes of course, clear lens sunglasses are the newest and hottest sunglasses trend in 2017, and you can totally rock it in every way and with every hijab style. But the ones you see in the picture are wide and supersized, so it's better to wear them with a loose hijab wrap, just like Dyna Mowafy did.

womens sunglasses -  sunglasses with hijab

Dyna Mowafy

5. Are the oversized sunglasses suitable for hijab?

I personally love oversized sunglasses, and I find them very attractive with hijab. Some of them might have thick handles; you can wear them with a looser hijab wrap if you want to avoid the whole messy situation caused by them.

 womens sunglasses -  sunglasses with hijab

Fatma Husam

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