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| by The Fustany Team

Fustany Wore It: Hijab Scarves from Emma

Finding a practical and chic hijab headscarf has taken up a lot of my time. It's very difficult finding a long and wide veil that has modern chic designs. So I was delighted to find hijab scarves from Emma. 

What struck be most about Emma was that their designs were really unique and different, unlike any of what I've been seeing in the market, especially because I don't like wearing basic and over-worn designs. Emma are always updating their collections, every 1 or 2 months to keep up with trends.

I have tried a lot of different materials and after wearing their scarves, I can really tell how high their quality is. This is very important to me because I always look for really good durable fabrics, to protect my hair and skin, especially in the summer.


I thought that maybe the scarves' quality would be deteriorate after washing them or that they would shrink, especially the satin scarves. This hasn't happened and my scarves always look brand new, with a little care from my end, after washing. 

The only problem I have with Emma scarves is the slight increase in pricing. However, for the price I do get long lasting, chic and high quality hijab scarves. With Emma I tend to focus on purchasing their cool, unique designs, for I can get my basic plain headscarves anywhere. 


Their fast delivery also motivates me to shop for their veils online, especially when I'm in a rush to find something for an event coming up. It arrives within 3 days only.

Finally I would like to say that I'm extremely happy that headscarves with this quality and this uniqueness of designs are accessible to me and make me feel this confident and special. Thank you Emma

This is review is by our Social Media Specialist Randa Elnagar.

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