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| by Mai Atef

Here's Are Ideas on How to Wear Shirt Dresses With Hijab

The shirt dress is a popular trend this season and so when it came to hijab fashion, it became the choice of many hijabi bloggers. That's because it is an amazing piece that not only looks great but gives you freedom and comfort as well, for summer. I noticed that most of my friends found it difficult to choose a shirt dress and know how to wear shirt dresses with hijab in a modern way. And so, today we're sharing ideas and tips that will help you out.

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How to wear shirt dresses with hijab:

Different shirt dress designs


The shirt dress comes in a variety of designs to meet every girl's taste. There's the maxi shirt dress,  the midi shirt dress, that bloggers love wearing with trousers underneath, and there's also the more puffy shirt dress, which can feature buttons in the front and shirt-like sleeves.

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Summer Shirt Dresses


A dress is an essential summer piece for practical and styling reasons.  Shirt dresses are great, comfortable and effortless summer items that can be worn in neutral or bright shades. If it's short, you can wear white pants underneath for a fresh summer look. Linen or chiffon hijab scarves would be great with looks like these. 

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Open Shirt Dresses


You can take the look to another level and open it at the front, with a skirt or pants underneath. That way you're changing up the look and giving it more dimension and flare. Or you can also wear it like a cardigan, having it completely open.

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Evening Shirt Dresses


Many girls think that shirt dresses can't be worn for a more chic night look. There are actually a lot of options out there in materials and designs that are more fitting for evening looks. You can also style it differently, like putting on a nice pair of heels and a chic clutch. Also adding a belt is always a nice touch of glamour, and don't forget about jewelry!

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