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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Ideas to Style Skirts with Hijab Differently This Winter!

One of Fustany's loyal readers sent us an email last week asking us to do an article about styling skirts with hijab in winter! And because we love receiving requests from our beloved readers we had to comply. 

As a hijabi, I found this article a little bit challenging, because it's not easy to style a skirt with hijab and still look hip, chic and young. So, I opened all of my favorite hijab fashion bloggers Instagram accounts and made a very good research before I handpicked for you these 3 ideas to wear skirts this winter. 

1. See-through skirts and pants.

Mademoiselle Meme wore a tulle skirt over skinny pants, and I am really into this look and honestly, I really want to try it this winter but over skinny jeans.  


Instagram: @mademoisellememe

2. Skirts styled with combat boots and leather jackets.

I love this look by Alexandra Golovkova, the way she styled bikers' clothes, the leather jacket, and the combat boots, with a skirt is really cool. 

Instagram: @golovkova.s

3. A pleated skirt under a shirt dress and an oversized sweater.

To achieve this style you need to try a lot of pieces together before you decide if you like it or you hate it. Büşra Elibol went for a very supersized sweater, but you can choose something shorter, and smaller for example. 

Instagram: @elibollardanbusraaa

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