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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

These Evening Wear Tips Are Exactly What You Need for a Fabulous Hijab Style!

Hijab wear is no longer a problem, you now have multiple options in different shops, and several hijab fashion bloggers to inspire you. But what's still a problem is hijab evening wear; it's so challenging to find a modest evening dress that actually looks, and won't make you look 10 years older. So, I decided to gather some hijab fashion tips to help you find the perfect hijab outfit for your next event!

1. Who said that you need to wear a dress at weddings and engagement?

Lately, I became fond of evening pantsuits and jumpsuits. I wear them at weddings where I know I'll be moving around and dancing all the time. They're fun, light and so feminine, especially if it's in a red color like the one in the picture below!

evening pantsuits - evening jumpsuits - jumpsuits with hijab - hijab fashion

2. Pick an unusual dress length!

Aya Barqawi wore a very feminine dress, and what I like the most about it is its length, it's right above her ankles. So it gave her a stylish vintage flair, without taking the fun element out of the outfit.

hijab fashion 2017 - hijab style - hijab outfits

3. The abaya comes in many styles and shapes, so look closely and learn.

I love how Fatma Hussam styled her embroidered abaya with culotte pants! The embroidery and the abaya's cut did the whole job - it looks unconventional. 

fatma hussam fashion - abaya style - hijab fashion

4. Don't be afraid to wear happy colors.

I love black dresses, they're always a safe choice, but lately, I am trying to embrace happier colors, because let's face it, they make you look bright.

hijab evening dresses - Hijab style - hijab fashion

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